Daily Archives: January 27, 2014

Sometimes at this time of year in the Pacific Northwest, one might wonder if the sun will ever shine. But thanks to Joanna, I always have sunshine in my life. For this post, therefore, I considered using “You are My Sunshine” by Johnny Cash and June Carter Cash or by the Soggy Bottom Boys (in the movie “Oh, Brother, Where art Thou,” which we enjoyed), but frankly that song doesn’t seem optimistic enough — particularly the lyrics, “But if you leave me to love another, you’ll regret it all one day,” which sounds too much like a line from “Law and Order.”

Despite the cliché line, “You are the apple of my eye,” Stevie Wonder’s “You are the Sunshine of My Life” captures that feeling of being blessed by someone who brings joy to life — the reason “I’ll always be around.”

And I suspect that anyone who has been in a long happy relationship can relate to my favorite lines from the song, “I feel like this is the beginning, though I’ve loved you for a million years.” It doesn’t seem possible that my wife and I have had 33 years together. Yet at the same time, life before “us” doesn’t seem real — it’s as if my pre-marriage life happened to someone else, perhaps someone I read about or saw in a movie.

“You are the Sunshine of My Life” lyrics here, with video below.