Daily Archives: January 14, 2014

It Had to Be You” has been a part of at least eight films, including a 1936 Ruth Etting short, the Humphrey Bogart/James Cagney gangster classic “The Roaring Twenties,” and two Academy Award winners for best picture (36 years apart), “Casablanca” and “Annie Hall.”

In other words, it might be impossible to find a love song that has reached more people over a wider period of time. No wonder; it’s a beautiful song, even if the line about “all of your faults” bugs me slightly (probably because I have far more of those than Joanna does).

The version of the song that I’ve chosen for this post comes from the performer who did the soundtrack — including “It Had to Be You” — for another popular film that came after all of those mentioned above: “When Harry Met Sally.” Like another singer mentioned here recently, Emmy Rossum, Harry Connick, Jr., is a contemporary singer with a voice and a heart worthy of an old classic.

Lyrics here, with a video that includes several great New York scenes below.