Daily Archives: January 4, 2014

Though Paul McCartney has produced some great songs, neither of us would put him among our favorite artists. He’s not even our favorite Beatle. Or second favorite. Or maybe even third favorite. But the only solo hit by the superstar from The Beatles and Wings, “Maybe I’m Amazed,” is a beautiful song that captures how I felt at the beginning of my marriage to Joanna, and how each of us sometimes feels now.

One of the best things about our marriage is that we sometimes fall in love with each other all over again. One of us will do something sweet or cute or goofy, and the other will feel a sudden surprising sense of warmth coming from love renewed. We constantly find ourselves “in the middle of something that [we don’t] really understand.” And though I tell my reporting students to avoid the word “really,” maybe I’m amazed — especially after 33 years — at the way I still really need Joanna.

Lyrics here, with video below.