Daily Archives: January 2, 2014

It’s that day of the year when many of us — perhaps disappointed in our behavior at a holiday party or while watching football, or having gained weight from too many Christmas cookies and too much pie — are making New Year’s resolutions. Some years Joanna and/or I make them; some years we don’t. But it occurs to me that a good place to start might be to consider the words of the Joan Osborne song, “One of Us.” How would we act, if we knew that God was “just a slob like one of us,” and might be anyone?

Several years back, Joanna and I enjoyed the television show “Joan of Arcadia,” for which this song as the opening theme music. The final scene of the final episode reminds us, “Every human being, by virtue of having free will, has the choice of how to direct his actions, for good or evil.” In Joanna’s case, it’s invariably for good. In my case, it’s typically a little of both — so my primary resolution this year is to make the former outweigh the latter.

Lyrics here, with video below.