Daily Archives: December 2, 2013

I grew up listening to Country & Western music, and may have introduced Joanna to the genre. We don’t listen to it regularly, but sometimes do when we’re on a long drive, especially in those parts of the country where the choices are often limited. And the first cassette tape (you young people may need to do a web search) that my wife ever gave me is still one of our favorites, which is why Shania Twain is the most frequently appearing artist on this blog.

I’ve previously shared “Love Gets Me Every Time” and “Man, I Feel Like a Woman” from the same album, “Come On Over.” We had already been married for 16 years when the album was released, but if we were to get married again, and to do it in a traditional wedding, “From this Moment On” would be the song for our first dance. The song, a duet with Bryan White, still can make both of us tear up if it comes on while we’re driving. (A reader of this blog as also listed it as a favorite for her and her husband.)

Joanna had been single for years when we met, and has often told me (and sometimes other people) that even though she wasn’t interested in a long-term relationship, on the night we met she had prayed that somehow she would meet someone who would make her laugh and with whom she could talk intelligently, someone who would make being a single mom in a small southern Idaho town less lonely. And though it’s difficult for me to believe I’d be the answer to any prayer, of course I love the story. It makes these lines even more relevant: “You’re the reason I believe in love.  And you’re the answer to my prayers from up above.”

A version without White has actually been watched on YouTube by the most people (a live one with the Backstreet Boys is also popular). That is a beautiful video, but in terms of the music, I prefer the duet. Lyrics here, with video below. (This video includes a slide show with photos from around Lake Tahoe, where Joanna lived for a while as a teenager).