A couple of years ago we had the opportunity to spend a week in Hawaii. We did many of the traditional Haole tourist things — Pearl Harbor, a luau, lying on the beach, snorkeling (which reminded me that native Idahoans should probably stay on the beach), and watching hula. We stopped by the amazingly rich (and therefore somewhat depressing) First Presbyterian Church, set near where some of “Lost” was filmed, and attended a service at the historic Kawaiaha‘o Church. The best part of the most days was simply sitting on a deck looking across Kailua Beach Park at the water.

One of the highlights of the trip was actually time spent indoors at an orchid show. We’d never seen such an amazing display of flora. Later we went to an arboretum, where we saw plants from all over the world — but none that beat the flowers that seemingly grow almost everywhere in Hawaii.

The tiare blossom, also called the Tahitian Gardenia, is one of those beautiful flowers, and gives this simple song its name. And some of the first lines of the song give it further reason to be on this blog: “You are the one
, The choice of my heart.”

The song “Te Tiare” by Hawaiian Heart combines traditional Hawaiian language with a bit of French. Videos that show Hawaiian performers and music can be found here and here, but the one below has better sound.

Lyrics here (with English translation), with video below.