(Note: Another Queen song, “Thank God It’s Christmas, is at #93.)

As my students can attest, I’m no fan of royalty (a reason I agree with Thomas Paine that we should have high inheritance taxes) but am a fan of Queen — and I frequently play “We are the Champions” in an attempt to relax and inspire students just before giving them a final exam.

Considering how much Joanna dislikes competition, it may be surprising how much she likes to crank up and sing this song when it comes on the radio. Maybe not, too, considering that “We are the Champions” has supposedly been declared the catchiest pop song of all time — “by scientists.”

In terms of the lyrics, naturally we have made our share of mistakes and come through them, and certainly we believe that we should “keep on fighting ’til the end,” whatever that end may be.

Lyrics here, with video below.