“Feed Me (Git It)” may be the weirdest song on this blog — which is saying something, considering that previous entries include “Mississippi Squirrel Revival,” “Suicide is Painless” and “Cows with Guns.” And considering the title, maybe I should hold it for another eight days until Thanksgiving, but here it is.

The song comes from our favorite twisted musical, “Little Shop of Horrors,” and is sung by The Four TopsLevi Stubbs (doing the voice for a man-eating plant) and professional nebbish and stand-up widower Rick Moranis.

I might have considered using the song “Dentist!” because it’s funnier (though there’s already a Steve Martin song on the blog), but “Feed Me (Git It)” also corresponds with a running joke in our house. When we’re hungry — or when we think the cat, the fish or the plants might be hungry — Joanna or I may exclaim in our best Levi Stubbs voice, “Feed me, Seymour!”

Lyrics here, with video below.