Heart — founded in our now-home state of Washington — has been successful for even longer than our marriage. One of their albums, “Dreamboat Annie,” became a staple in the weight room when I played college football — which meant that a bunch of big tough guys regularly sang along with what was sometimes called a “girl group” in between sets on the Nautilus machines.

“Crazy on You” was one of Heart’s first hits, and still fits any couple (especially with children) dealing with the madness of the modern world: “With the bombs and the devils. And the kids keep coming.” (Now, of course, for us the “kids” are usually my college students.)  Joanna and I also enjoy singing along with another early Heart hit, “Magic Man.”

The band has enjoyed a recent resurgence, blowing away a Kennedy Center audience with Led Zeppelin’s “Stairway to Heaven.” That song has now become part of their regular act.

“Crazy on You” lyrics here, with video of a 1977 live performance below.