This Simon & Garfunkel song is great for close friends or anyone in a relationship, of course, but for us it might also allude to something else. As much as we like to explore by car, I dislike highways. Paved roadways are functional and necessary in the modern world, but ugly. I also tend not to be a big fan of most man-made structures.

But bridges often are things of beauty, and Joanna has long chuckled at my appreciation of them. I remember being fascinated as a boy by the Dent Bridge, a mini-Golden Gate Bridge over the North Fork of the Clearwater River in the middle of nowhere. I’ve enjoyed walking across the Brooklyn Bridge and marveled at the force of the wind as we walked onto the Deception Pass Bridge. One of the best features of the city in which we now live is its many bridges.

For me, bridges represent a marvelous sort of transport from one world to another. Of course, our marriage provided the same sort of transition for me.

“Bridge Over Troubled Water” lyrics here, with video below.