A Bruno Mars song may be timely because he has been chosen to perform at Super Bowl XLVIII. Maybe I should call this “Love Song LX.”

The always-overhyped Super Bowl (which often we don’t bother to watch, especially now that the commercials can all be found on line) may be a perfect match for the catchy overblown songs that come from Mars, a man once referred to in Rolling Stone as “a drama king.”

More importantly for this site, “Grenade” is here because it makes us laugh every time we hear it, even though that probably wasn’t Mars’ intent with his Grammy-nominated “trophy song.” (Others apparently have much the same feelings that we do about the song, though “Grenade” draws a better response than the even stupider “Gorilla,” which makes me quickly change the station.)

Don’t get me wrong; I actually like the tune. And yeah, I like to think I’d catch a grenade for Joanna (even if I wouldn’t put a sticker of one on my car or choose it as a brand, especially during wartime). And I hope I’d jump in front of a train — or at least a New York City taxi — to save her. But in our case, I know that she would do the same for me.

Lyrics here, with video below: