Remember when television had less bloodshed and more seemingly functional families? Though we never saw it together, Joanna and I both remember enjoying “The Partridge Family.” (Maybe I shouldn’t admit that, but, hey, I’ve already noted that we like cartoons, too.) And like us, the Partridges spent a lot of time in their own bus.

Like every teenage boy of the time, I had a thing for “Laurie Partridge,” played by Susan Dey, while every teen girl swooned for David Cassidy. “I Think I Love You” may have been a more popular song than “I Woke Up In Love This Morning,” but both offer charmingly innocent reflections of their time and of new love. And we didn’t know at the time that in real life Momma Partridge and brother Danny were even more screwed up than the rest of us.

Lyrics here, with video below: