Before we went to New York for the first time, we didn’t expect to care much for it. We could not have been more wrong. We would not want to live there, but there may be no place that we enjoy visiting more.

We love to “wake up in that city that never sleeps.” The Met and more than a hundred other museums. Ellis Island, where immigrant stories brought us to tears. The pizza. The Apollo. Broadway. Grand Central Station and a thousand other buildings. The authentic ethnic restaurants. (Last time, I enjoyed spicy goat meat in the Bronx.) Central ParkThe subways. The subway musicians. The bagels. The Brooklyn Bridge. The hostel we stay in, with its myriad intercultural exchanges. The cheesecake. (OK, so we eat a lot when we’re there.)

And so many other things: Now we go to the Big Apple every other year, and each time find ourselves on the plane home talking about what new things we’ll do the next time.

If you offer only one song about New York, of course, it has to be Frank Sinatra’s “New York, New York.”

Lyrics here, with video featuring scenes of the city, many of which bring back fond memories, below: