(Note: Shania Twain appears on this blog more than any other artist. “Love Gets Me Every Time,” is at #59 and a third, “From this Moment On,” is at #83, and “You’re Still the One” is the final song, at #132.)

This is another tune that no one would classify as a traditional love song, nor would it seem to fit a feminist like Joanna. In fact, the “going out tonight … let it all hang out … scream and shout” message fit me far better when we met than it ever fit her.

But the video for this catchy Shania Twain song is an obvious answer to a sexist Robert Palmer video (though perhaps not his worst). The song also provided the soundtrack for a funny commercial that starred an actor we later liked in “Bones,” while the video gives me another example of intertextuality for my media criticism class.

Lyrics here, with video below: