Joanna has accused me of going into teaching so I would have a captive audience, and has also said that my most redeeming quality may be that I keep her entertained (laughing with me more often than at me, I trust). But this song makes the list for a different reason.

I don’t remember how it came about, but early on in our marriage we joked that each of us could openly lust after one person other than each other. The only rule: That other person had to be an unattainable celebrity that we would likely never meet, let alone attract (in the unlikely event that we even found the celebrities to be attractive as real people — most of those we’ve met have tended to be rather shallow and dull).

Joanna’s chose actor (I’ll share mine with the next post) was witty, charming, and socially conscious actor and race car driver Paul Newman. He wasn’t a singer, of course — though chances are, he could have done that, too — but he starred in one of our favorite movies, “The Sting.” That movie featured a Marvin Hamlisch adaptation of this Scott Joplin ragtime piano classic.

There are no lyrics, but a video (featuring scenes from the film) is below: