One of the most important questions for some folks during the 1960s was, “Beatles or Stones?” As in, which British supergroup do you prefer, the Beatles or the Rolling Stones?

At least one whale was even into the Stones, but neither Joanna nor I was an obsessive fan of either group — both turned out some great songs, some of which made my list for inclusion on this blog, but over all we typically preferred other artists. Admittedly, neither of us has understood obsessive fandom, anyway.

Still, this Beatles tune makes the list because even after 33 years of walking together, we often hold hands — and not just to keep each other from falling over or wandering into the street. Someone once asked us if we were newlyweds; at the time, we had been married for more than 15 years. We’ve since more than doubled our years together, but still would rather spend time with one another than with anyone else.

Lyrics here, with video below: