When Joanna and I met, she had been a vegetarian for years. And she had been craving fried chicken for nearly that long, so when she fell off the meatless wagon, so to speak, it seemed as though we ate chicken every day for months.

We both acknowledge that it would be better for the world and for us if we refrained from eating meat, but short of a worldwide shortage or a bout with cancer I just don’t see that happening. In the meantime, we kid about how much trouble she’ll be in after she dies, if it turns out that God is a chicken.

And we laugh at the animated video version of this Dan Lyons song (which is better than the Claymation version). It manages to combine bad puns, political activism and laugh-out-loud wit. Of course the editor/media critic in me couldn’t help but catch the two incorrect words on the newspaper at the 3:45 mark — though come to think of it, since it was quoting George W. Bush, maybe he would have used “wrecking” instead of “wreaking” and written “countryside” as two words.

Lyrics here, with video below: