Because I teach about media, I try to keep up with pop culture, though doing so gets more difficult as I get older (and as of today I qualify for the senior menu at some restaurants). The number of popular groups and the means through which they become popular naturally increase, and “popularity” seems to become ever more fleeting. So until I started this project and was in contact with Nate Bagley at the Loveumentary, I’d never heard of this Stephen Speaks  song.

Still, it’s a great song, and captures a sentiment that I offered recently on Facebook: “I think every man who is worth a damn ends up with a woman that he doesn’t deserve. Every man who isn’t worth a damn ends up alone.”

I quickly realized that I had phrased that a bit narrowly, especially considering the fact that I live in a state that has legalized same-sex marriage and I recently served as an usher for a wedding of two men. After all, sometimes a guy (or woman) who is worth a damn ends up with a guy (or woman) s/he doesn’t deserve.

The key point is that all of us who find ourselves in marriages that make us want to be better people than we might otherwise be probably rightfully feel as if we have “married up.”

Lyrics here, with video below: