Joanna and I probably had plenty of reasons not have made it as a couple — differences in age, education, region of origin and religious background, the fact that she had kids and I didn’t think I wanted any, etc. — but the biggest of those reasons may have been the fact that I was an alcoholic. We met in a bar, and the second time she saw me was in another bar. I liked to dance, play pool and pinball, and drink beer. And of course I was perfectly happy to drink at home, too.

I was lucky. Drinking never cost me my wife or a job — or even a day of work — or left me in jail. Despite driving while intoxicated on many occasions, I was never injured in an auto accident and never injured or killed anyone else. I had many friends and a great family. I was a highly functioning drunk, who was fortunate enough to quit at a relatively young age. And Joanna put up with my drinking for three years.

All that’s partly to say that I never hit the “bottom” that this Animals song implies. But the song reminds me of what could have been (made even more meaningful when paired with the next song to come on this blog). And besides, it’s a great one to sing along with.

Lyrics here, with video below: