In her youth Joanna hated being complimented on her looks. Partly that disdain for praise came from shyness and modesty, but mostly it probably came from the fact that many of those complimenting her were either men who were hitting on her or people who seemed to think that beauty and intelligence were mutually exclusive — and therefore because Joanna was beautiful, she couldn’t also be smart.

Fortunately, husbands can be trusted with those sorts of compliments, even if we sometimes forget to say them as often as we should. I used to find it funny that this Joe Cocker song has so few words, but I later realized that it has exactly enough. (I also remember a longer rendition, done by Cocker, Billy Preston and Patti LaBelle in an amazing version on television just a few years after we were married.)

Incidentally, when delivered via email, the video also has on at least one occasion demonstrated the power to end a silly but heated argument. The video version below has all the lyrics (written below the video), along with numerous photos of one of Joanna’s other loves, flowers: