Joanna and I like a variety of kinds of music, and enjoy blues in two settings: In a club — which we rarely get to anymore — and when sitting on the couch reading or writing late in the evenings. It’s odd that we enjoy blues as much as we do, considering neither of us was raised around the music (and I had a pretty privileged upbringing, so no real singing of blues has been necessary for me). In fact few blues songs have words that would fit our lives together.

But this one does. Joanna had never fished before we were married, but she took to it like, well, you know… Now she generally likes it more than I do. I get bored pretty quickly if the fish aren’t biting, but for her being on (and often in) the water is a meditational act. Two key lines of this song are particularly appropriate for us: “Bet yo’ life, Yo’ sweet wife Catch mo’ fish than you.”

The song, popularized by Henry Thomas, has been done by many blues artists (and the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band); this version comes from Taj Mahal.

Lyrics here, with video below: