We’ve seen “Grease” as both a movie and a well-done Spokane Civic Theatre Production. Frankly, we’re not crazy about the show’s final message (a girl should be sluttier to get the guy she wants, a guy who makes no significant compromises). Or maybe we just didn’t get it.

But of course we do like the music, Joanna’s son looks a lot like John Travolta, and like almost every other young male of the 1970s, I once had a thing for Olivia Newton-John. (Years before Joanna and I met, I went with a high school girlfriend and her mother to a Newton-John concert, though the most memorable part of that evening came when I swerved to miss a porcupine and nearly put her mother’s Suburban into the Clearwater River on the way home.)

This song and the final one (“You’re the One that I Want“), despite the lack of feminist sensibilities, are probably Joanna’s favorites from “Grease.” Lyrics here, with video below: