The second time Joanna and I ever spoke was after she spotted me taking turns swing dancing with a couple of sisters (not nuns; the other kind of sisters) in a country-western bar. After that night, Joanna and I spent a lot of time dancing together, often to country music.

Though Bob Wills was the king of Western Swing, I was more of a fan of Waylon and Willie. Back when all of my music was on cassette tapes, more of those cassettes featured Willie Nelson than any other performer, and my gift from Joanna for our third Christmas together was a pair of tickets to a Nelson concert.

Our life together has taken us from Idaho to Arizona to Oregon, back to Idaho, back to Arizona, back to Idaho (again), back to Washington, to North Carolina, and back to Washington. We’ve also visited dozens of other states by car, pickup, bus or train, so this dance-worthy Willie Nelson song seems appropriate (even if all the music we’ve made is bad singing accompanying the radio, tape deck or CD player).

Lyrics here, with video (a 1985 version that shows Willie’s humanitarian side) below: